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Genetic Eye


         OFA Eye Certification Registry Examinations are ophthalmic examinations, performed by an ACVO Diplomate, to assess dogs for the presence or absence of observable hereditary ocular disease. These examinations are a service for breeders or individual pet owners who need OFA certification. The examination is not a test for DNA markers for specific genetic issues.


          At Animal Eye Associates, OFA Eye Certification Examinations are performed during regular business hours and occasionally in conjunction with specially scheduled eye clinics. Immediately before the examination, the owner will need to fill in part of the OFA form for each dog. Information that needs to be provided includes the owner’s name, address, and phone number along with the dog’s official name, breed/variety, coat color, permanent ID number i.e. microchip number, registration number, sex, and birth date. A cursory examination is performed before pupil dilation. Dilating drops are then applied to both eyes two times, 5 to 10 minutes apart.  Once the pupils are fully dilated, the actual examination is performed. The pupils will remain dilated for 4 to 6 hours after the completion of the examination.


       Upon completion of the examination, the owner will be given the completed, signed OFA examination form. Advice will be offered as to the suitability of the dog for breeding but OFA is the final arbiter as to the issuance of an eye registry number.  It is the responsibility of the owner to submit the completed form to OFA for the eye registry number. An eye registry number is only issued to dogs judged by OFA to be free of significant genetic eye disease for that specific breed.  An eye registry number is only valid for 12 months from the day of the examination.  Dogs involved in an active breeding program should receive annual examinations.


Iris to cornea Persistent Pupillary Membrane

Download the OFA Eye Examination Brochure