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Animal Eye Associates of St. Louis is a veterinary ophthalmology practice founded by Ben W. Johnson, DVM, DACVO. Animal Eye Associates provides the highest level of specialized veterinary services related to the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases that afflict companion animals. We are proud to have recently expanded our practice with the addition of two board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists.

Board-Certified Specialists

At Animal Eye Associates of St. Louis, your pet will receive care from the very best, board-certified ophthalmologists. Board-certified specialists have:

Completed four years additional training in ophthalmology

Passed rigorous board examinations

Completed continuing education in the most recent ophthalmology research

Working with Your Family Veterinarian

Continuity of care is important to us. Open communication between your veterinary ophthalmologist and your family veterinarian ensures your pet receives complete care from beginning to end. After your appointment at Animal Eye Associates of St. Louis, our team will forward a complete summary of your pet’s visit (including diagnosis, treatment, and any diagnostics performed) directly to your family veterinarian.